Friends: The Practically Impossible Ross Geller Quiz

Can you score 100%?

Friends Ross

No matter how many episodes of Friends you have seen, no doubt you will have a favourite character. Whether it's Chandler and his sarcastic one-liners or Phoebe and her unique set of musical skills, there's always one that stands out above the rest. For a lot of fans, that person was Ross Geller.

Ross was a hopeless romantic who loved the idea of starting a family with the woman of his dreams. Despite being in love with Rachel since high-school, Ross went on to marry Carol, who became the mother of his first child. However, not long into their marriage she decided she preferred the company of women instead. Poor Ross!

It all worked out in the end however, after many, many episodes of will-they wont-they, Ross and Rachel finally became to the forever couple they were meant to be.

Appearing in all 236 episodes of the show, we learned a lot about Ross, his likes, dislikes. But the question we are asking fans today is, just how closely were you paying attention to those minor details?

Do you have what it takes to score full marks on this practically impossible quiz? Let's find out!

1. Which Magazine Did Ross Have A Joke Published In?


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