Friends: The Progressively Easier Chandler Bing Quiz

Let's see if you know everything there is to know about Friends' Chandler Bing!

Friends Chandler

Chandler Bing likes being the funny one amongst his group of friends.

After a childhood that Chandler struggled with, his developed a sarcastic sense of humour as a way to cope. Being funny is something that Chandler is very good at and is proud of.

One day when the love of his life Monica says a guy at work is the funniest person she's met, it hits Chandler hard. Funny is the one thing Chandler has so is at a loss when he things he might not be the best. Luckily for him, Monica reveals to him that after an offensive joke this new guy is not really that funny, returning Chandler to the top comedian in her life.

Are you the ultimate expert when it comes to all things Chandler Bing? This quiz is set to test even the biggest fan of Friends as we ask you 12 questions all about Chandler.

Do you remember who Chandler took with him to pick out an engagement ring for Monica? Can you recall which country Chandler tells Janice that he is moving to so he could break up with her?

Only a few fans of Friends will be able to prove their knowledge of Chandler Bing in this progressively easier quiz. Let's see if you know everything there is to know about Chandler!

1. What Did Jack Geller Call Chandler?


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