Friends: The Progressively Easier Phoebe Buffay Quiz

Will you answer all 12 of these questions about Phoebe correct? Let's find out!

Phoebe Friends Smelly Cat

In Friends, Phoebe Buffay always felt a little separate from the rest of the group.

She didn't have the shared history that many of the rest had. Rachel had known Monica for years whilst Ross and Chandler were college roommates.

It took a sudden reminder of a bad time during her youth that made Phoebe realise she did share a connection. During her time living on the street she used to mug teenage boys, one turned out to be Ross.

Although mad at first, Ross became happy when he found out she saved his old hand-drawn comic, Science Boy.

Much of Phoebe's unusual life before she met her friends is a mystery, but how much do you know about Phoebe Buffay?

This quiz is set to test even the biggest fans of Friends as we ask you all about everyone's favourite guitarist and singer.

Do you remember what is was that Phoebe found in her soda that company gave her $7,000 in compensation? Can you recall what language Phoebe tries to teach Joey, with not much luck?

Only the a few fans of the show will be able to answer these increasingly easy questions about Phoebe correctly? Will you manage to answer all 12? Let's find out!

1. Where Does Phoebe Meet Parker?


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