Friends: The Progressively Easier Ross Geller Quiz

Let's see if you can score 100% on this ultimate Ross Geller quiz!

Friends Ross

Ross Geller is a guy who struggles with trust in relationships.

After discovering his wife Carol was having a relationship with her gym friend Susan, he took his fear into new relationships.

When Rachel met Mark who helped her get a new job in fashion, Ross became scared about what Mark's true intensions were.

His fear of losing Rachel ended up causing such a problem that they ended up taking a break, in which Ross ended up sleeping with someone else.

it took Ross a long time to finally work through his fears, but eventually Ross and Rachel would end up together and this time try and make it work for good.

How much do you about Friend's Ross Geller? This quiz features 12 questions all about everyone's favourite paleontologist, with each one getting progressively easier.

Can you remember who Ross founded the "I Hate Rachel Club" with back in high school? Do you know which of Ross' girlfriends he met whilst on a work trip to China?

Only the biggest fans of Friends will be able to answer every question correctly. Let's see if you can score 100% on this ultimate Ross Geller quiz!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. What High School Did Ross Attend?


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