Friends: The Progressively Harder Who Did It Quiz

Can you remember some of the memorable, and not so memorable, moments from Friends' ten seasons?

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Featuring a group of six 20-somethings as they started their lives in the big city, Friends is arguably the most loved sitcom of all time.

Bursting through the door of Central Perk and disrupting the group's lives, Rachel began her journey as a spoiled woman who never had a real job. With the help of her new friends, she manages to create a dream career for herself.

For Ross, the return of his high school crush coincides with his divorce from his pregnant wife. Though his romantic life took quite a few knocks (and divorces) over the course of the show, Ross never gave up on love. It seemed only right that he and Rachel should get their happy ending.

Despite being opposites, Monica and Chandler ended up finding true love in each other. Regardless of Chandler's phobia of commitment and Monica's desire to have a big wedding and a family, the pair helped each other through life’s hard and good times.

Phoebe eventually meets her future husband in a blind date gone wrong, as Joey set Phoebe up with Mike because he's the only person in the coffee shop called Mike. Luckily for Joey, it ends up in wedding bells. Joey himself, on the other hand, might not find love in the show, but he eventually gets his dream job back on Days of Our Lives.

This quiz features some memorable, and not so memorable, moments from our favourite characters. Can you work out who did it? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Made A Pro And Con List For Who To Date.


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