Friends: The Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Can you remember the lyrics to to Phoebe's Christmas song? Let's find out!

friends christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, the time of year has come when we settle down on cold evenings to watch the festive episodes of our favourite shows.

In the 10 seasons of Friends, we were lucky enough to get a holiday episode every year. The gang celebrated Christmas and saw in the New Year with perfectly decorated Christmas trees and even a "tropical" party.

There was the episode where Phoebe took Chandler and Joey in search of her real father. We saw Ross try to teach his son Ben about the story of Hanukkah whilst dressed as an armadillo, and we saw the gang hunt down Monica's hidden presents.

How well do you know the Christmas and New Year episodes of Friends? This quiz will feature a question about each of the 10 festive episodes of this beloved sitcom.

Can you remember the lyrics to to Phoebe's Christmas song? Do you know what Ross gave to Phoebe as a present? Do you have what it takes to prove you know all there is to know about Friends? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Who Kisses Chandler When The Ball Drops In The "The One With The Monkey"?


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