Friends: The Ultimate Late Years Quiz

How well do you really know the final stint of the world's most loved sitcom?


The first seven series of Friends etched itself into sitcom folklore, becoming nothing short of a masterpiece. Friends is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television.

As it came towards the end, the whole culture and humour had shifted to align with a more noughties style of humour - the gang were finally growing up. The writers managed to create a seamless development in the show which adapted to the more mature Friends, without compromising the characters development or core personality.

Chandler was with Monica, Phoebe was about to meet Mike, Ross and Rachel were, well, Ross and Rachel, and the end was very clearly in sight. The young guns were becoming much older and much wiser, with more serious life choices ahead of them, allowing the material to feel fresh all the way up to the infamous final scene.

The final few series were just as well received as some of the best from the early years, maybe with the exception of the head-scratching Joey and Rachel stint, but we can forgive one bad storyline in ten years.

How well do you really know the final years of the impressively successful Friends?

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of Phoebe's 'Painting'?


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