Friends: The Ultimate Nickname Quiz

Can you remember all the different nicknames that Ross gave to himself?

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One of the reasons we all fell in love with the Friends characters was they reminded us of people we know in real life.

There's usually one friend who is super organised. We have that friend who's a little unlucky in love and one couple who are destined to be together. There's the friend who is a little quirky but we love them even more for it. Then there's always one who seems destined not to settle down.

Just like a real group of friends, the Central Park gang all loved to give each other nicknames. The question is. do you know who had what nickname?

Can you remember all different nicknames that the characters of Friends had throughout the show? This quiz is all about the names they called themselves and each other.

Do you know why Monica was given the nickname "candy lady?" Who was it that was known as "the dropper?"

Only fans who have watch all 236 episodes of Friends will stand a chance of correctly answering all these questions. Let's see if you can score 100% on this ultimate Friends nickname quiz!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Who Gave Monica The Nickname "Harmonica?"


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