Friends Trivia Quiz: True Or False?

How sharp is your Friends trivia knowledge?


Given that Friends is one of the most iconic and beloved TV sitcoms of all time, it's little surprise that the cult of fandom extends to the ridiculous repository of trivia and behind-the-scenes tidbits made available for the show.

Over the course of its 10 seasons, Friends racked up more fascinating, hilarious, and downright weird anecdotes than pretty much any other TV series in existence, and while you've probably heard many of them countless times over the years, just how many have firmly embedded themselves in your brain?

More to the point, can you differentiate the true trivia from the falsehoods? Across these 15 morsels of Friends "trivia," can you separate the legendary stories from the flat-out lies?

From hilarious tales about the creation of some of Friends' most iconic moments to cameos you might've missed and everything else in-between, it's time to put your Friends trivia knowledge to the ultimate test.

The answers are at the end as always, so good luck!

1. Lisa Kudrow Wrote Smelly Cat While Drunk


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