Friends Vs Seinfeld: Who Said It - Chandler Bing Or Jerry Seinfeld?

Can you tell the difference between these sitcom funny men? Let's find out!


Two of the most comically gifted characters in sitcom history are Friends' Chandler Bing and Seinfeld's fictional Jerry.

In Friends, Chandler prided himself on his jokes; even getting into an argument with Ross over whose joke it was that Ross sent into Playboy! In fact, Chandler became upset when Monica said that a guy at her work was the funniest person she's ever met. Bing's humorous observations began in childhood as a way of coping with difficult situations, but as an adult it was an important part of who he is.

As a world renowned stand-up comedian, Jerry Seinfeld's fictional version of himself was always going to be hilarious. Jerry even incorporated his stand-up routine into the show. Despite being an incredibly successful comedian, Seinfeld's parents and their friends never quite believed he was actually making a living. Jerry's father was even impeached because they didn't believe Jerry had purchased him a Cadillac, as they thought his stand-up routine wasn't funny enough.

Can you tell the difference between these beloved sitcom characters? Very few fans of both Friends and Seinfeld will be able to spot a Jerry quote from something Chandler said.

Let's find out of you can get 100% on this Chandler Bing vs. Jerry Seinfeld quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. What’s The Deal With Lampshades? I Mean If It’s A Lamp, Why Do You Want Shade?


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