Friends: You'll Never 100% This Gunter Fill In The Gaps Quotes Quiz

Can you remember all these quotes from the manager of Central Perk?

Friends Gunther

When you have a show like Friends, not only do the characters become legendary and iconic, so do the locations in them. And first that definitely comes to mind has to be Central Perk.

Across the run of the show, the six friends would always visit Central Perk for some coffee, a snack or just to chat. The coffeehouse also served as the place where Rachel worked during the early seasons of the show, then later when Joey was struggling for money, he would also find employment there. Even Phoebe would preform there from time to time, singing songs that fans probably know by heart.

Central Perk was a hugely important place for the characters and by extension the audience. But Central Perk wouldn't have been as special if not for the manager of it, that being Gunther.

While he was always a smaller character in comparison to the main six, he was still nearly always there and often added some extra laughs through the occasional comment or dry remark. Just how well do you remember those comments?

Take this quiz and see if you can fill in the gaps to some of Gunther's most famous quotes!

Answers at the end!

1. "____? You Ok, Man?"


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