FRIGHT NIGHT Stars Enter Celebrity Big Brother House Tonight!

In a publicity stunt for the U.S. flop, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Anton Yelchin entered the Big Brother house yesterday for a special premiere of their horror/comedy.

After a disastrous U.S. box office run where the film has in 11 days returned less than half of it's production budget ($14 million from $30 million production), the marketing folks behind the U.K. leg of Fright Night's release have come up with the publicity idea to send stars Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse into the Celebrity Big Brother house. The housemates were then greeted to an advance screening of the film in the house along with the 6 Big Brother fanatics who won a nationwide competition for a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain entry to the house and watch the film with famous strangers. The advertising stunt happened yesterday and will be screened on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother. Presumably if the housemates and the six competition winners hated the film, their reaction wouldn't be broadcasted to millions at home. Can you imagine? It would be the worst publicity for a film in t.v. history..
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