Fringe: 10 Best Episodes

Prepare yourself for an emotionally wrenching experience.

It's strange to think that Fringe once seemed like little more than an updated version of The X-Files. By the time of its departure from our screens in early 2013, Fringe had metamorphosed into one of the greatest genre TV shows of the decade, complete with its own intricate sci-fi mythology and several beloved characters who broke our hearts and mended them over and over again. The series was notable for its fantastic cast, with standout performances by Anna Torv as closed-off FBI Agent Olivia Dunham and John Noble as mad scientist and guilt-ridden father Dr Walter Bishop. Thanks to the beautifully realised relationships between the central trio of Olivia, Walter, and Walter's son Peter, at its heart the show was always about family, even when it was exploring parallel universes or jumping to alternate timelines. On top of all that, it could also be perfect soft science-fiction which delivered implausible and creative 'science' with such deftness that you never thought to doubt it. In short, a Fringe retrospective is long overdue, so here's a countdown of the greatest episodes of its five seasons. There will be spoilers right up to and including the series finale, so if you haven't seen it yet, catch up on Netflix and prepare yourself for an emotionally wrenching experience. Long-time fans will probably want to join you in watching it all over again. Click "next" below to get started...
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