Full House: 10 Moments That Show Michelle Tanner Was A Terrible Person

The Olsen twins were a sociopath back then. Yes, that's the correct grammar.

According to recent rumors- from sources like TV Guide, CNN, and multiple other online and print sources- John Stamos and others are interested in bringing Full House back for a television re-boot. Stamos, who played rock'n'rolling Uncle Jesse, Bob Saget ("Danny Tanner"), and Dave Coulier ("Uncle Joey") have all affirmed in the positive that they're likely to go, as have Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin, who played the two oldest daughters "D.J." and "Stephanie Tanner" respectively. Even Andrea Barber- who played next-door neighbor "Kimmie Gibbler" and then retired from the small screen- is rumored to be reprising her role. Only one notable name is missing from that list. Actually, make that two: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who together played baby sister "Michelle Tanner" for eight seasons. Of course, Michelle's absence might be by design. Maybe in the universe that Full House created, the characters of the Tanners and their extended family and friends no longer associate themselves with the character of Michelle Tanner. Perhaps, 20 years after the series' finale, Michelle's family is finally realizing that the adorable little scamp actually exhibited the qualities normally found in anti-social, narcissistic sociopaths. Her selfish and often impulsive mentality was played for laughs for years, but surely someone in the family had to pick up on her immoral tendencies, which- even for a small child- are now sure-fire signs of a severe pyschosis. Don't believe these sentiments? Look back at these ten moments from Full House that show that Michelle Tanner was just an all-around terrible person.

The 'House is a father of two and husband of one in Minnesota. He is an improv comedian, and in his spare time follows WWE, MLB, The Simpsons, and Bob's Burgers. Growing up he was a huge fan of He-Man, and refuses to believe that it was in fact terrible.