Futurama Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It, Bart Simpson Or Bender?

Do you know your "eat my shorts" from your "bite my shiny, metal asses"?

Bart Bender The Simpsons Futurama

You really have to hand it to Matt Groening: when it comes to writing obnoxious characters with a naughty streak, he's got a real flair for it. Somehow, animation's most famous show-runner has managed to take two characters we should probably all hate - a 10-year-old rascal who is frequently responsible for Springfield's biggest problems and an alcoholic, self-obsessed robot with a penchant for celebrating human murder - two of the most loved TV characters of all time.

Bart Simpson was the original poster boy of The Simpsons (before everyone realised Homer was even better) and Bender the Robot from Futurama is the perfect blend of humour, charm and nihilism. The perfect marriage.

The two have rarely met thanks to the eons between them (though it hasn't stopped them entirely) and while Bender shares more in common with Homer when it comes to beer consumption and a desire to work as little as possible, there's no doubt that he's Futurama's equivalent of the Bart Man. After all, they both invite people to consume their backsides.

So do you know your "eat my shorts" from your "bite my shiny, metal asses"? Take this quiz and find out.

Answers at the end!

1. "Book Stores Don't Have Answers, The Just Have Creepy Guys Sitting In Easy Chairs At The End Of Aisle Ways."


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