Futurama Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It - Fry Or Homer?

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Matt Groening is a true pioneer of animated comedy. When he first created The Simpsons back in the late 80s, he opened the door for a whole new world and inspired many other creators to go down the animated route. Simply put, without The Simpsons, there would be no South Park, no Rick & Morty, no BoJack Horseman.

But after the success of the show about the Springfield family, Groening didn’t rest on his laurels. He created Futurama in 1999, a show set in the year 3000 that went on to become a massive hit in its own right. Despite being off the air for nine years, the sci-fi comedy still maintains a strong cult following, so much so that Hulu decided to revive it for a 20-episode season coming out in 2023.

The Simpsons and Futurama are ultimately very unique shows, but they share a lot of Groening’s trademark humour and his instantly recognisable animation style. Another similarity between the two is that the main character of both shows is a comically dumb, lovable goofball.

Homer J. Simpson and Phillip J. Fry have the same middle initial and the same penchant for saying some of the most hilarious statements in their respective shows. But can you tell who said what?

1. "A Gun Is Not A Weapon, It’s A Tool, Like A Hammer Or A Screwdriver Or An Alligator."


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