Futurama Quiz: The ULTIMATE Philip J. Fry Quiz

“Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow”

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Futurama is so much more than The Simpsons’ interplanetary little sister. The show is far smarter than most people would give credit for, but all true fans know just how deep Futurama really was.

Revolving around Philip J. Fry, the show follows his unexpected journey into the year 3000 and his hilarious fish-out-of-water lifestyle in a world that he was not born into. From the hustle and bustle of New York, to the alienistic weird and wonderful New-New York, Fry couldn't be further from his comfort zone, leading to hilarious encounters and memorable moments in each and every episode.

The once lowly pizza delivery boy is one of the simplest creatures across the galaxy, but as the creative writers behind the show have also shown, Fry’s lovably idiotic mind is also his biggest strength.

Fry has become an incredibly popular character across the mature cartoon fanbase, but has also managed to hit a much wider audience by becoming a pop-cult meme-machine.

How well do you really know Philip J. Fry? Do you know him as well as Leela does?

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of Fry’s Brother?


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