Futurama Quiz: True Or False?

How well do you really think you know The Simpson's favourite sister show?


When it comes to Futurama, it is nigh on impossible not to mention its borderline god-status parent show, The Simpsons. From 1989 it has thrilled and amused us all, the majority being as long as we can remember. It has the perfect blend of humor, story-telling, morals and most importantly of all the vast cast of memorable characters, albeit some in questionable stereotypical taste.

The Simpsons still goes strong to this day, but has had heavy criticism for a drop in quality from what was considered 'the golden years of the series'. One thing though that most people cant regret from the success of the Simpsons was the birth of Futurama from its creators.

Although taking a similar approach in style of comedy the series is run in a completely different environment, well... time would be more accurate. Set 1,000 years into the future we get to see the world and beyond through the comical eyes of Matt Groening and go on many adventures with his new characters.

How well do you know Futurama, are the following statements true or false?

Answers at the end!

1. Bender's Full Name Is Bender Bending Rodriguez.


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