Futurama Quiz: Which Character Said It?

After 140 episodes of this classic show, how well can you remember who delivered these lines?

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This classic animated science fiction comedy lasted almost a decade, and spanned across 140 episodes in so doing. From the creator of The Simpsons, Futurama had a large and loyal following, and arguably paved the way for other similar shows which have come since.

For a TV programme that has lasted so long, and at this point, has been off the air for as long as it was on - eight years - how well can even the most fervent fans remember some of the classic lines in this gem from the past? No doubt there are many fans who give Futurama what could, and possible should be termed in the modern Western vernacular, as the 'Friends treatment'; continuing to rewatch the old episodes repeatedly until every line from every character's cartoon mouth is cemented in memory.

If this sounds like you, then all that groundwork you've been putting in for so many years may be about to pay off. So take this Futurama quiz, and find out how well you know these lines from the show.

See how you did, with answers at the end of the quiz!

1. 'You People Are As Loud As You Are Ignorant. Now Get Back On Your Turnip Trucks And Go Home!'


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