Futurama Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Or Leela?

How well do you remember the ladies from Futurama?

Futurama Quiz
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Despite being cancelled on numerous occasions, Futurama is still considered to one of the most popular animated sitcoms around. It has a huge fanbase, and when it was announced that it was going to be revived once again on Hulu, the curiosity juices started flowing as to what the Planet Express Crew had in store for us.

Like many animated sitcoms of this type, Futurama is no stranger to introducing new characters from time to time, but it's definitely the core cast that fans love and always come back for. And two characters who are loved by everyone, well most of the time anyway, are Leela and Amy.

Leela first met Amy after joining Planet Express and didn't really think much of her. Their relationship has been hot and cold over the years, with jealousy playing a huge role. It's probably no surprise to learn that these two ladies have even shared the same boyfriends/lovers. But the question we have for Futurama fans today is, can you tell these two fierce ladies apart from just their quotes alone?

1. "Finally, A Uniform I'd Be Happy To Be Caught Dead In!"


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