Futurama: The Impossible Bender Quiz

How well do you remember the cruel robot?

Futurama Bender

Created by Matt Groening, Futurama first aired on television screens in 1999. Running for seven magnificent seasons and featuring some extremely talented voice actors, Futurama had a massive fanbase. And one character who is to thank for so much love and attention was Bender.

Bender was a cruel alcoholic robot who let nobody stand in the way of what he wanted. What Bender wanted, Bender got. He enjoyed watching other people suffer, but despite this, deep down in his shiny metal heart, he had a very rarely seen soft side. This can be seen in his interactions with other members of the Planet Express Crew, especially Fry.

This robot was responsible from some incredible quotes over the years, but the question we have for Futurama fans today is, just how well do you remember him? Do you know his likes and dislikes? Do you know how to contact him via email? Do you know him better than his friends and colleagues? Let's find out!

Even Bender himself couldn't score 100% on this quiz.

1. What Is Bender's Serial Number?


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