Futurama: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Bender Quiz!

How well do you know Futurama's best character?


In 1999, Matt Groening broke away from The Simpsons to give us a sci-fi cartoon for maturer audiences. Today, many celebrate Futurama as an all-time animated show giant and lament its tragic but satisfying conclusion.

Whilst characters like clinical moron Fry and sassy cyclops Leela caught the attention of its growing audience, there was one character who truly became an icon of adult cartoon: Bender Bending Rodriguez (roll those 'r's with respect!).

Through his abrasive, in-your-face attitude, Bender became an unmissable staple of early twentieth century Pop Culture. His relatable laziness, loving relationship with Fry despite his insistence on killing all humans, and his stinging, barbarous insults to everyone else made him the robot you loved for all the wrong reasons.

As an ever-present figure in the series, Bender has had countless moments of hilarity and heart (despite not having on). Only his most loyal fans will remember every moment; are you one? Here's the Bender quiz you'll never get 100% on!

Answers will be at the very end! Enjoy chumps and chumpettes...

1. What Is The Name Of Bender's Twin Brother?


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