Futurama - You'll Never Get 100% On This Zoidberg Quiz!

Will you succeed in this ultra-hard Zoidberg quiz or will you fail like... well, Zoidberg!

Zoidberg Woop

Unlike many other cartoon shows, Matt Groening's Futurama almost made it their duty to develop their secondary characters.

Ditsy intern Amy Wong was given multiple Mars-related episodes to flesh her character out. Meanwhile, Hermes was made into a limbo champion with a semi-loving family, and he and Bender's tag-team episode Lethal Inspection is one of the best post-cancellation episodes.

However, none seemed to win audiences' hearts quite like Dr John Zoidberg, MD (don't look into that though!).

Zoidberg was the final ingredient in every great adult cartoon: the punching bag. The butt of every joke, Zoidberg was mercilessly ribbed for his incompetence, his idiocy and most of all, his odour.

Whilst initially audiences laughed at the poor doctor, eventually Zoidberg became the everyman of the show, garnering sympathy and acclaim from Futurama fans.

His episodes such as Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?, A Taste of Freedom and That's Lobstertainment! left audiences howling with laughter and cheering Zoidberg every step of the way, whilst his beautiful finale in Stench and Stenchibility left many reaching for the tissues.

But how much can you remember about the Universe's worst doctor. Answers are at the end, good luck! Woop woop woop woop!

1. What Episode Does Zoidberg First Appear In?


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