Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors Whose "Acting" Is Distractingly Bad

Back to Drama School, people.

Right now, HBO's insanely successful Game of Thrones is arguably the most popular show on television. But that doesn't mean for a single minute that it's perfect - and that goes double for one particular aspect of production that continues to come up short: the acting. So whilst Game of Thrones is made interesting for the way in which has brought together so many renowned veterans of the stage - Charles Dance, Jonathan Pryce, Dame Diana Rigg - with such brilliantly cast actors like Sean Bean, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Natalie Dormer (to name but a few), it's not all a walk around the rose gardens. Because there are also a good number of actors on the show who are constantly bringing it down. That's to say, there is a lot of bad acting going on in Game of Thrones, week after week, and it comes courtesy of both characters of the major and minor kind. Be it due to a bad accent, stilted line delivery, or just a general failure to make audiences believe that they are truly part of Westeros, here are the 10 actors whose "acting" is distracting enough that it actually takes you far out of George R.R. Martin's world...

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