Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors Whose "Acting" Is Distractingly Bad

7. Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark

It's true that Sophie Turner has improved a lot over the course of Game of Thrones; she was noticeably more competent when delivering a line in season four than she was during the first or seconds seasons of the show, in which she mostly sounded like she was reading the script for the first time during a rehearsal for a play she didn't really want to be a part of. But that doesn't mean she's morphed into a particularly good actress. Which is to say, her line-readings across the span of season five so far have felt noticeably lackluster; she could be played by anybody. Sure, Sansa has had a terrible time of late and one could certainly argue that she's kind of an empty shell as a result. But Turner acts the part in a way you'd expect from somebody working for a drama A-Level. It's just a bit... bland.

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