Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors With Off-Screen Music Careers

There's music in the madness.

Like all classic dramas, Game of Thrones comes with a booming soundtrack fit for a king. The opening sequence is as epic as the events which take place after it, and it's mostly down to the rousing strings and hammering drums bellowing from behind the graphics. Music is a big part of the Seven Kingdoms, with much of the world's history remembered through song, with ominous snippets of The Rains Of Castamere being forever remembered for building up to the mega Red Wedding. Since then, that song has foreshadowed many deaths, violent encounters, and all-out slaughters. One of the musicians during that infamous scene was Coldplay drummer Will Champion, and another famous cameo was Sigur Ros playing at Joffrey's wedding, much to the dismay of the vicious young king, but the writers don't even need to draft in musical talent, because they already have it within their ranks. Many of your favourite characters have embarked on music careers away from Westeros, some small-time, but others have really shone on a bigger stage. Here are some of the finest examples of Thrones' stars' musical ventures, with a taste of what they can do. If the creators ever decide to do a Game of Thrones musical, they're well and truly covered.

Honourable Mention: Theon Greyjoy - Alfie Allen Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, is of course the brother of Lily Allen. You may already have known that, but had you connected the dots to see that her song Alfie was based on him? The song doesn't paint the best picture of her 'baby brother' with a demented, haunting little puppet used in his place. It doesn't exactly count as a music career, but it's a interesting musical note to kick off the list. Now for the real deal.

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