Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Ups and 2 Downs From 'The Door'

Nevermind the door, somebody hold me.

Game of Thrones Night's King Varys Tyrion

When one door closes, another opens. Unfortunately, in this episode of Game of Thrones, when a door closes, it reopens pretty quickly and something horrible happens.

Season 6 has been great so far, and it's already outstripping last year, and things really pushed forward this week in The Door, which delivered not only the best episode of the season to date, but one that is likely to go down as an all-time favourite.

The main reason for that is of course the ending, which gave us an incredibly emotional gut-punch, something that stands as one of the most affecting scenes the show has ever produced, and definitely one of the most iconic non-book (yet, anyway) moments.

The setup to that was pretty great as well, frenetically placed and suitably chilling (no pun intended there). But there was a lot to really like about this episode: Sansa took even further strides into becoming a true leader, we finally got to see the Kingsmoot, there was a touching scene over in Vaes Dothrak, and some progression (and hilarity) in Arya's storyline.

The episode wasn't perfect, and there were a couple of issues, but on the whole it was fantastic, and first let's look at all the things it got right.


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