Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Ups and 2 Downs From 'The Door'

9. Theon Supports Yara

Game of Thrones Theon Yara Greyjoy

This is the most 'Theon' Alfie Allen has looked since Season 2, now that he's had a chance to get cleaned up, but in his performance you still get the sense of some bit of Reek existing within him.

There wasn't really any tension or dramatic effect from the pause when Theon was first mentioned here, because he was always going to remain true and support Yara, but it's still great to see him actually come through and do it. Brother and sister duos are teaming up all over the place in Westeros at the moment, and this was a strong example of it, even if they ultimately lost.

Yara didn't necessarily make the most compelling case for why she should be Queen, but it still came through that she is the sensible choice for the Iron Islands, and now we're left with the Greyjoy siblings on the run from their mad uncle, which should be fun.


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