Game Of Thrones: 11 Characters Who've Changed Most Since Season 1

1. Jorah Mormont

Game Of Thrones Jorah Mormont Season 1 7
HBO/20th Century Fox


The loyal Knight of Daenerys Targaryen - who it transpired wasn't so loyal after all, spying on his Khaleesi for Varys and sending him information on the Targaryen exiles. However, he grew to care for and then love Daenerys, which stopped his spying and even caused him to reject his official royal pardon. He becomes her closest confidant, most trusted advisor, and fiercest protector, watching in awe as she emerges from the funeral pyre with three baby dragons.


He's literally turning into a rock, how much more of a change do you want?

Agree with this list? Which character do you think has changed the most? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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