Game Of Thrones: 12 Characters You Should Definitely Hate More

Child-killers. Fan favourites. They're all the same.

Your favourite character in Game of Thrones is almost certainly not a spotless person. There are very, very few people in Westeros who can actually claim to be decent, upstanding individuals. Once you accept that fact, you can take your pick of favourites from a bad bunch, but don't kid yourself into thinking they're clean. It was never going to be easy finding a good person in a land where treachery is currency, and all sense of decency rolled down the steps of Baelor's Sept alongside Ned Stark's departed head. Since then it's just been an ocean of pretenders and characters who are far darker than they may appear. Some characters do their dirty work off-screen, so based on their visible actions, they may seem fairly reasonable. Other characters undertake questionable acts but are justified by the end result. Then there are the ones who carry out some downright horrific moments in full view of the audience that many seem to have completely forgotten about. Here's a handful...

12. Robert Baratheon

Going all the way back to the beginning, none of this mess would've taken place had Robert Baratheon remained as the strong-willed Robert Baratheon rather than an over-wined, over-dined womaniser who'd rather get drunk than rule a kingdom. Everyone would love a night out with Robert, but let's face it, the hangover following his death destroyed the realm, and it's mostly his fault. If he'd been able to get over Lyanna Stark's death, he would've ruled with an iron fist. The Lannisters would've been allowed far less of a stranglehold on the throne, and who knows how many thousands of lives would've been spared had he just pulled himself together and ruled like a king, not a moron.

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