Game Of Thrones: 12 Questions We’re Asking After 'Mother's Mercy'

"Kill the boy, let the man be born." Halfway there?

Game of Thrones is more of a traumatic event than a TV show at times, with far too much emotion invested in each fictional character, but that's the beauty of it. All of those slow-moving scenes, intense conversations, and navigating politics make the viewer delve into a character's world, and when George R.R. Martin pulls the trigger on his pen, the audience takes the bullet. The Season 5 finale was no exception to the Thrones rules. If you like a character there's a 99% chance they'll be dead before the season's end. Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are widely seen as the three 'indispensable' figures, but the latter was betrayed to his death in a heartbreaking final scene. For those asking the question: "Is Jon Snow dead?" the answer is yes. Jon is 100%, completely, stone cold dead. The real question is whether actor Kit Harington is lying when he said Jon's going to stay that way. Alliser Thorne, Olly and the rest of the Night's Watch have suddenly turned the entire audience into manic White Walker fans, desperate for icy vengeance after betraying their Lord Commander. Thankfully Sam and Gilly got away before they could be hauled into the mess, as the former begins his quest to become a maester, while Melisandre and Davos were awkwardly reunited at Castle Black. Stannis' troops were butchered in the fields outside of Winterfell, while Brienne seemingly finished off Stannis in a move that would avenge Renly's death, though hunting down the man with the strongest claim to the throne meant that she missed Sansa's eventual candle in the window. The Stark daughter was rescued by Reek before the pair leapt from the castle walls in a desperate bid for freedom. Across the Narrow Sea, Arya finally - and brutally - ticked Meryn Trant off her kill list, while Daenerys was swarmed by Dothraki riders, as Daario and Jorah set out to find her. Back across the Narrow Sea in Dorne, Jaime departed with Myrcella and shared a genuinely moving moment...before his daughter was poisoned by Ellaria Sand's kiss, and Cersei's walk of shame was shot perfectly, but brutally. That was one of the most unique, distressing scenes in the show's history, and will be overshadowed by Jon's demise, but it really did electrify the storyline, and with the Mountain's return, who knows where that's going. For the final time this season, what questions have been raised from this latest chapter of the Game of Thrones tale?

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