Game Of Thrones: 12 Ups And 5 Downs From Season 7

11. The Humour

The Hound Game Of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones has always had its quotable quips, most often delivered from the mouth of Peter Dinklage, but this year definitely felt like one of the funniest so far.

From Euron asking about Jaime and Cersei's sex life, to Tormund's continued flirting with Brienne, and pretty much every line spoken by the Hound and Bronn, there were a lot of laughs to be had among the carnage of Season 7.

The show has plenty of dark, bleak moments, and those of heart-racing tension, so it's important to balance those out with scenes and lines that add levity to the drama, and also serves to further humanise its characters.

Death may be the enemy coming for everyone, but at least we can still laugh at Thoros' top-knot and enjoy three characters who all excel at dropping the C-bomb. Handily, all the season's funniest moments have been packaged into one video too, which is certainly worth a watch:


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