Game Of Thrones: 20 Most Shocking Moments

Shadow baby assassins, child sacrifices, and Sean Bean being Sean Bean.

Do you remember the days when you watched television for enjoyment? Me neither. Hollywood gloss is being left on the shelf more often now, meaning that fans are getting gritty experiences from their favourite shows, and while the quality continues to dramatically rise, our hearts are splintered. Game Of Thrones has proven to be a television game-changer since it hacked its way onto our screens in 2011. George R.R. Martin's story is set in solid foundations, meaning that while the show may stray away from the source material at times, every wrenching moment to leave his pen will be replicated on screen. That has given us an insane amount of drama to sift through, with basically every law of TV being stretched to the limit in order to create a shocking, distressing, mind-blowing TV masterpiece. But over the last five seasons, what are the most stunning moments in Thrones history?

20. Jaime Loses A Hand

It says a lot about a show when one of the main characters gets his infamous sword-hand lopped off and it only just squeezes onto a list of most shocking moments. Jaime Lannister used that hand to finish off The Mad King, changing the face of Westeros, and earning himself the Kingslayer name and reputation the process. It was one of those moments where in any other show, the blade would've stopped just before hitting flesh following a distraction, leading to a daring, triumphant escape. This is Thrones though, the hand went, and Jaime's life changed forever. You could actually argue it was for the better.

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