Game Of Thrones: 8 Times Jon Snow Really Did Know Nothing

Turns out Ygritte was right all along.

€œYou know nothing, Jon Snow.€ Ygritte€™s words have become far more than just an oft-quoted phrase, having spawned a variety of memes, discussion as to their true meaning, and a mantra for any fan of Jon Snow to repeat. It is arguably the most famous quote from the show, and the one that has really managed to transcend it and enter the pop culture lexicon. For someone who doesn€™t know anything, he has managed to come a remarkably long way. From being the bastard son of Ned Stark, he has risen to be the 998th Lord Commander of the Night€™s Watch, a loyal friend, an excellent fighter, and a lover to Ygritte. He has been firmly established as one of the three main characters in the series - both show and book - and Kit Harrington€™s portrayal has led to him becoming a firm fan-favourite. The words helped to define Ygritte - and played a big part in her popularity - and came to symbolise not only their relationship, but also Jon Snow€™s character as a whole. Given the fates of both characters, the words have now taken on a rather bittersweet meaning. With a long time to go until season 6, and the discovery of what has become of Jon Snow, here€™s a look back at the times over the past five seasons when he really did know nothing€


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