Game Of Thrones: How Quaithe's Prophecy Links Daenerys To The Starks

So much for them just being spokes on a wheel.

Quaithe Dany Starks

Despite making just two appearances and not being seen or heard of in years, Quaithe remains one of the most enigmatic characters Game of Thrones has ever produced.

Also known as Quaithe of the Shadows, the Shadowbinder from Asshai hides her face behind a mask, and appears to wield some genuine magical powers, which manifest themselves in the strange prophecies she makes. Although this is more the case in the books than the show, where her most memorable lines didn't make it and she only really interacted with Jorah, there's a case to be made for applying the prophecies to both mediums when it comes to Daenerys, and one of the lines most discussed lines is her telling Dany;

"To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow."

Again, while it didn't make it into the show, we can see how this has played out in the series - Daenerys has or is likely to do all of these things - but it doesn't just apply to the Dragon Queen. As Redditor abogges1 notes (in an old post found while down a Reddit rabbit hole), it applies to the Starks too:

The post is correct, or at least might be in the case of Jon Snow, and makes for an interesting parallel to the story's most important house that only serves to deepen the prophecy.

But the trouble is it then ignores Daenerys' part in things completely. Because the prophecies are made to her, she has to have some role in it, so what's the reason for the parallels between her and the Starks?


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