Game Of Thrones Quiz: 10 Years Later - How Much Do You Remember?

When you play this quiz, you either win or you die...

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Daenerys

It's somewhat scary that we're already coming up on the second anniversary of Game of Thrones airing on our screens for the final time. Regardless of personal opinions on the polarising eighth season or George R. R. Martin's inability to finish the sixth and seventh books in the series before the creators overtook his source material, few can deny the series' status as one of the most popular and renowned of all time.

Its stars will likely have employment for life through the convention circuit and its episodes will likely be revisited and rediscovered by new generations of television viewers, particularly if its marketability is capitalised upon further in the wake of the upcoming House Of The Dragon prequel series.

All of this will help to keep in the series in the mainstream cultural lexicon, but now that it's been almost a decade since some of the episodes aired for the first time, how much can you remember about the inhabitants and worlds of Westeros and Essos? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Which Of These Characters Was Recast After The Series' Unaired Pilot?


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