Game Of Thrones Quiz: Are They Dead Or Alive?

Some of these characters definitely sound made up!

Game of Thrones

There was a lot of dying going on in Game of Thrones, wasn’t there? While it’s pretty common for shows that have fantasy or medieval settings – or in this case, both – it still came as something of a shock when we realised just how many important characters were killed off in HBO’s premium drama. Westeros is a particularly dangerous place to live.

This was made clear in the penultimate episode of the first season, when the execution of Ned Stark, a fan favourite, showed that nobody is off-limits. Off course, the show was only following the story told in the books, but it still came as a surprise to a lot of viewers, most of whom haven’t read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series by that point.

The floodgates opened after that and it was becoming increasingly harder to keep track of who died and who is still somewhere out there roaming the Seven Kingdoms. Not to mention that the series had 73 episodes in total, literally hundreds of characters, and eventually plots that started to diverge from the books. The people running the obituaries in Westeros had their hands full.

Can you cast your mind back to the show’s finale in 2019 and try to remember who was still alive at that point? Let’s see how your memory serves you!

1. Maester Aemon


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