Game Of Thrones Quiz: Can You Match The Arya Stark Scene To The Season?

How well do you remember the princess?

Game of Thrones

Based on a very successful book series, Game of Thrones already had quite a large fanbase, but that didn't necessarily mean it was going to work on-screen. But, when the show hit our screens back in 2011, millions of viewers tuned in and were definitely not left disappointed.

Despite a pretty disheartening ending, the build up to it was a remarkable one - from many unexpected deaths to plot twists left, right and centre, every episode was breathtaking and you couldn't help but become invested in each and every character's story.

Today, we are focusing solely on Arya Stark's journey throughout the shows eight seasons. Do you remember her well enough to be able to match a specific scene she was in to the correct season? Some of the scenes may be pretty obvious, but not all of them are easy to remember. How will you score on this Arya Stark Game of Thrones quiz? Only the biggest fans will be able to come close to scoring 100%. Is that you?

1. Which Season Is This Scene From?


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