Game Of Thrones Quiz: House Lannister - True Or False?

Can you tell if these house Lannister facts are the truth or just a load of nonsense?


When it comes to the houses battling for the throne of Westeros and the right to rule the seven kingdoms, the house of Lannister is a name you can guarantee will be a big player at the end of days.

They began the show at the top, having married onto the throne when Cersei wed Robert Baratheon and since then, though they've lost heirs, armies and allies, they still rule the Seven Kingdoms. There's less of it left to rule thanks to the many wars and the ravaging Dead Army, but the Iron Throne is still a mighty trophy.

Now that we're heading into the final days of the battle for that seat - and possibly the final days of the Lannisters as rulers (unless Tyrion makes a powerful swerve late in the day, of course) - it's time to look back at the house who says "The lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep".

Can you distinguish the truth?

Answers at the end!

1. The Lannister Ancestral Home Is Called Casterly Rock.


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