Game Of Thrones Quiz: How Did They Die?

Death was never far in Westeros, but can you remember them all?

Ygritte Game of Thrones

Many things helped Game of Thrones achieve the colossal popularity it did, for example, the rich lore of the world, the solid acting, the focus on adult themes, and the twists of the plot. However, if there's one thing that fans remember fondly about the HBO series, it was the grizzly deaths.

Although the show itself seemed to also suffer from a catastrophic death, it didn't keep the series from chucking out some incredibly memorable demises along the way. With the sheer amount of blood, guts and gore in the show, it can be a little tough to remember how each character died, especially as there were so many of them.

The show was filled from top to bottom with characters, and plenty of them departed from the show (pretty quickly at times). It would be way easier to remember how they went out in any other series, but in the land of Westeros, death was never straightforward.

So, if you think of yourself as a true GOT nut, then this is a great chance to see how much of the violence you can recall.

The North remembers, but do you?

1. Missandei


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