Game Of Thrones Quiz: Who Owns Which Sword?

You can't fight an army of the dead without Valyrian Steel but how well do you know these swords?


Although Game of Thrones is full of character development and narrative intrigue, there is one thing that you know you’ll get to see in practically every episode – lots of gratuitous violence. The story of the show has been one of conflict. Whether it is the War of the Five Kings or the campaign led by Daenerys Targaryen in Essos to free slaves, death and destruction has been a constant throughout the entire series.

With its medieval setting, the primary weapon in Game of Thrones is the sword. Many of these bladed weapons are important enough to be given their own name. Valyrian steel swords in particular are often given this honour for their rarity and the fact that they are generally owned by the heads of great houses.

Keeping track of who owns which weapon can be challenging at times. Especially when you consider how many deaths occur within the show and how the swords are passed on or taken by conquering forces. Think you’ve got a pretty good idea of who got their hands on each of these famous swords? Then test out that knowledge in this quiz below.

1. Which Character Was The Owner Of Lion's Tooth In Season 1?


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