Game Of Thrones Quiz: Who Said It - Jon Snow Or Ned Stark?

Was it the current king in the north or the original warden of the north?


At the beginning of Game Of Thrones, we were all led to believe that the grim-faced, honourable lord of Winterfell and warden of the north Eddard Stark was to be the protagonist of the show. To say the least, we were all dead wrong. And Ned ended up just being dead.

To be fair we should have seen his grisly end coming; after all, Sean Bean is somewhat known for excelling at dying in movies and shows. What got the fan favourite killed was his inability and disinterest in playing the game of thrones in Kings Landing. The politics and lies surrounding the capital were the polar opposite of what a man of his character stood for.

Many of these traits and characteristics that Ned portrayed have been passed on to Jon Snow, the young man led to believe he was his bastard son. As time goes on and Jon rises higher becoming the King in the north we all start to witness many similarities between him and his supposed father, even at times to the point where you feel like you are looking at Eddard Stark reborn.

But can you tell who said which quote?

Answers at the end!

1. The Man Who Passes The Sentence Should Swing The Sword.


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