Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Crazy Rumours You Need To Know

Brace yourselves, set leaks are coming.

Mind-boggling battles, character resurrections and a return to some long-forgotten plot threads await fans in Games of Thrones Season 6, if you believe everything you read about the future of the show. We're still months away from the action being splashed across our screens, but it's all being filmed at this very moment. Somewhere in the world, right now, somebody knows what's going to happen before TV viewers and book readers alike. George R.R. Martin continues to add the finishing touches (hopefully...) to The Winds Of Winter, but until the book is finally thrown into the public arena, page-turners and screen-watchers are largely in the dark as to what will happen next. Obviously, Season 5 ended with a string of cliffhangers, unresolved storylines, and an infamous death that has etched its way into TV history. Well, an infamous 'death'. Jon Snow's future has been the heartbeat of the rumour mill, sparking countless theories, off-the-wall guesses, and insane potential storylines, but will any of them come true?

10. A Tarly Family Reunion

Sam Tarly is a man on a mission, he's set off on his merry way to Oldtown to begin his training to become a Maester, blissfully unaware the his good friend Jon is lying dead in the snow. There were suggestions that Sam's role could be less prominent on his long, arduous journey from the North to the very South, but a casting call hints at big things for the Night's Watchman. HBO were looking for a father figure in his 50s/60s. According to Watchers On The Wall: "He€™s one of the greatest soldiers in Westeros - a humourless martinet, severe and intimidating. He demands martial discipline in the field and in his home. It€™s described as €œa very good part€ for next year and that he€™s €œcentrally involved€ in a protagonist€™s storyline." Everything points to Randall Tarly, Sam's harsh father who sent him to the Wall in the first place. Could his eventual appearance be bad news for Sam?

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