Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Rumours Confirmed By The Trailer

"I choose violence."

Like Daenerys getting to Westeros, Game of Thrones Season 6 seems to be taking forever to come around. It's the same every year, a problem that comes with an annual dose of just 10 episodes, each packed with the sort of favourite-character-killing twists and burning-a-child-at-the-stake shocks that leave you desperate for more. After character images, and a teaser that didn't actually give us any new footage (but did hint at everyone dying, which was nice), we've finally had a proper, full-length trailer to obsess over for the next month or so. There was certainly plenty in there to get excited about, with Jaime's return to King's Landing, Cersei's battle with the Faith, Davos wielding Longclaw, dragons, and Bran Stark standing next to the Night's King! Jon Snow, meanwhile, was still deader than dead is dead. The trailer comes at a good time, when anticipation is reaching a fever pitch, and after months of rumours, set-leaks, and spoilery speculation. There's been talk of Shae coming back, Sansa being pregnant, and Ian McShane linked with every male book character we've not seen on screen yet. This trailer confirms none of those things (although, if you do want answers, it's no she's not, maybe, Septon Meribald/Elder Brother). However, there are lots of rumours that we have had confirmed by the new footage, and though there may be some spoilers in here, it really just makes the wait even more unbearable.

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