Game Of Thrones Season 6: 11 Things You Missed In The New Trailer

You've been given a second chance...

Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister Mad King Aerys shadow

The latest Game of Thrones trailer, which debuted earlier this week, gave us another fantastic look at what's to come in the season ahead.

The marketing for Season 6 has been great so far, and with just a couple of weeks to go this second full trailer turned things up another notch, with lots of action, violence, and intrigue to bring winter one step closer. 

Although we're going to have to wait weeks, even months, to see exactly how all these scenes play out, it did give us some big clues as to what to expect: Tyrion unleashes the dragons, Daenerys probably gets saved by Drogon, Jon Snow is still dead (for now), and there's going to be an epic battle. 

That's the obvious stuff, which captures your attention when you first watch the trailer, deliberately designed to be the big moments you take away from it. However, there's a lot more packed in there, and thanks to the trailer's pacing some of it only comes to light when you re-watch it (over and over again). 

These are the hidden details, or the things that you might not have picked up on first time around, and also ones that could have a major bearing on the events of Season 6. 

11. Little Man

Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister Mad King Aerys shadow

"Do you like playing games, little man?"

The trailer wants to make us think that this voiceover is being aimed at Tyrion, as we hear it when the shot of him standing in Meereen, confronted by the Great Masters, appears in the trailer. 

However, if you listen closer to the voice, it becomes pretty clear that it belongs to Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton. This means it isn't delivered at Tyrion, obviously, but then who could Ramsay be saying it to? 

It's delivered in a typically threatening tone, so it's someone who is an enemy of his, and if they're at Winterfell it means it's probably someone they're holding against their will. 

In theory it could be anyone that the Boltons are holding captive to make an example of, but it's presence in the trailer gives it added weight, meaning it's likely someone of significance. One name that fits the bill, as an enemy and a 'little man', and is slated to return in Season 6: Rickon Stark. 

The Boltons lost one key to the North, but they may have found another. 


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