Game Of Thrones Season 6: 14 WTF Moments From Book Of The Stranger

That final scene was so "hot".


After a fairly middling start to the season, Game of Thrones went full throttle this week, with several crucial plot threads beginning to unravel in a decidedly female-driven episode featuring numerous highly memorable moments. The season's best episode so far? No doubt.

We had gratuitous nudity, we had a little gore, some terrific monologues, and like the previous episodes also demonstrated, a peculiar but welcome upswing in humour compared to previous seasons. 

It all conspired to make one very weird (not to mention delightfully entertaining) episode, and will hopefully give the rest of the season plenty of forward momentum. That said, we're probably overdue another Dorne scene by now, right?

The week-long wait is going to feel like an eternity. Until then, here are 14 WTF moments from Book of the Stranger...

14. Ramsay Can't Peel An Apple


As a bathed Osha is brought to Ramsay, we see him peeling an apple...badly, very badly. Either Ramsay's not so strong, or he's using a terribly dull blade, as he seems to struggle to cut through it and takes forever to do so.

Hilariously enough, despite what brutality takes place in this scene (which we'll discuss shortly), a sizable chunk of the scene's social media chatter was concerned with how, despite being the show's most ruthless character, Ramsay apparently never learned how to peel an apple properly.

And even if you didn't notice it immediately, once you do, it's impossible not to be totally distracted by it.


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