Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale: 10 Big Questions We're Asking After 'The Winds Of Winter'

Fire and Blood.


In Game of Thrones, the fireworks are generally reserved for the episode prior to the season finale. The last episode is instead tasked with clearing up the mess, and resetting the table ahead of next year.

The Season 6 finale does both of those to an extent, but it's more concerned with setting fire to the table (and the chairs, and the door, and so on) than it is setting it again. Winter has finally arrived in Westeros, and the winds are blowing an almighty gale to carry things through to Season 7.

The finale wrapped up plot threads that had been slowly burning all season, most notably with the dramatic, fiery conclusion to Cersei's battle against the High Sparrow. Meanwhile, Daenerys' time in Meereen finally came to an end, Jon was named King in the North, and R+L=J was confirmed (well, mostly).

However, in doing all that, it opened up new, even bigger questions for the road ahead. Cersei is currently sitting on the Iron Throne, despite no real right to do so; Dany's heading to Meereen; Sansa is still looking at Littlefinger; Arya needs to get home. These are the big questions leftover from the Season 6 finale...with a lot of time to ponder the answers.


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