Game Of Thrones Season 7: 13 Biggest Rumours You Need To Know

When you watch the Game of Thrones, you rumour or you die.

Starks Reunited Game Of Thrones

Winter is here. The Long Night has settled in, and the seemingly eternal wait for summer is well underway.

Game of Thrones has only been off our screen a few months, but it already seems a lifetime. What's worse is that the time between seasons is even longer now, thanks to the arrival of winter in Westeros. No more can we dream of spring, but instead have to look forward to the show starting at the time it's usually ending.

With filming pushed back to account for the new climate in Westeros, it's meant we've had to wait a bit longer for the usual snippets of information to start coming out. Now that production is very much in full swing, though, they are trickling out - and there are some biggies.

Like last year brought early talk of the Battle of the Bastards, so too are the winds of winter carrying a number of rumours and set-leaks. All are quite exciting, though a lot of them might be bullsh*t, or not what they seem (a set photo doesn't carry any context, after all). Nonetheless, spoilers are coming.

13. Jim Broadbent Is Playing An Archmaester

Starks Reunited Game Of Thrones
Warner Bros./HBO

The big new cast member for Season 7 (so far) is Jim Broadbent. It's a move so obvious that I can't believe it took this long, since he's one of a few British acting legends not to have already appeared on the show.

We don't know who he'll be playing, but his stature, age, and appearance - alongside casting calls - suggest he'll be an Archmaester at the Citadel.

High-ranking Maesters who have an expertise in a chosen field, it suits where the story is going (as Sam has just arrived in Oldtown) and it's easy to imagine Broadbent in the role.

It may be that he brings to life Marwyn the Mage, the mysterious Archmaester who doesn't play by their typical rules. That seems fairly likely, though it could be a different Archmaester, or an amalgamation of book characters and new ones. Whichever character he is though, this seems like a strong rumour to bet on.


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