Game Of Thrones Season 7 - 8 Clues From "Queen's Justice" Trailer

A meeting of Dragons...

Queens Justice Dany Game Of Thrones

We're now two episodes into the penultimate series of Game Of Thrones and the signs for Tormund not being killed off are surprisingly positive at the minute. That's all that really maters, after all.

For all of you fans who have other priorities, the map to the Great War is being set like a chess board. Cersei has scored the first victory (thanks to Euron), Dany's plan is in tatters (because she can't rely on the Dornish army any more) and Jon is on the move South to tell his Stormborn relative that she's got far bigger problems than the Lannisters.

Add to that Sansa's new power in the North, Arya heading home and Jorah being peeled, and there's been lots going on. And the trailer for episode three hints that we're going to see two major battles, the pay off of Euron's capture of Yara and Ellaria Sand, a great meeting of dragons and more of Littlefinger's bullsh*t. You can almost feel the tempo dial being turned up.

Here's the teaser...

So what does it all mean?


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