Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale: 9 Ups And 2 Downs From 'The Dragon And The Wolf'

"Maybe it really is all c*cks in the end."

Game Of Thrones The Dragon And The Wolf

And now our watch has ended.

After just seven episodes, Game of Thrones' seventh season has come to an end. It's been an odd, uneven season, with some rushed storytelling and leaps of logic, but also delivering on scale, spectacle, and a number of moments, meetings, and reunions fans have been waiting years for.

The finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, had a lot to do in both regards. With a runtime of 80 minutes it was a chance to get the story back on track, while also delivering payoff for this season and far beyond, and looking towards the final year as well. No easy feat, but one they largely managed to pull off.

To help with this, it assembled almost all of its best characters in one setting - the Dragonpit - and had them try to find common ground in order to save the realm. Elsewhere, in Winterfell, the strange triangle between Sansa, Arya, and Littlefinger reached fever pitch.

Game of Thrones is over for another year (and probably a lot longer), and the finale, like much of the season, had some problems, but mostly ensured the show went out on a real high note.


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